Lighting Equipment Stock

All equipment is in working order unless otherwise noted. All equipment is inspected prior to rental. 

1 x 6CH Lepi Pack (600w per CH. 20A / 3 CH).
4 x 4CH DJ Pack (500w per CH. MAX 1kw. 15A).

Special Effects
1 x Chauvet AmHaze Hazer. (includes 1/2 liter fluid)
1 x DMX Dowser.

Intelligent Fixtures
2 x Elation DesignSpot 250 Pro (1 does not have a prism).
9 x ETC Lustr 11" Fixture (7color LED with interchangeable lenses, 12-80deg).
6 x ETC Pearl 7" Fixture (2color WHITE LED with interchangeable lenses, 12-80deg).
8 x Chauvet Par-38 Tri-B (3color RGB LED, 22deg).
8 x SUPER WONDERFUL RGB PAR (3color RGB LED. loud fan noise. aprox. 20deg).
4 x SUPER WONDERFUL RGBW PAR (3color RGBW LED. loud fan noise. aprox. 20deg).
Misc x RBG LED Tape (various lengths, includes encoder & 33w PSU). Negotiable price

Conventional Fixtures
9 x Altman StarPar MFL (500w Lamp).
4 x 6" Fresnel (500w Lamp).
8 x Par64 (WFL or NSP available. All lamps are 1kw).
4 x Par16 Birdie (150w Flood Lamp). Negotiable price